Morning Yoga Tips

APY60- Created by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Yoga Instructor Check out the latest morning yoga tips from Kurt: 1) Tibetan Spine Flexibility Set – this five-pose set works various parts of the upper body. The pose that Kurt would like … Continued


Just entered to win! Come with me! Namaste!


By Doug Gross, CNN (via The sad truth for ridiculous Web memes is that they have remarkably poor shelf lives. So, farewell planking. Hello, owling. Deciding that striking a “light as a feather, stiff as a board” pose in … Continued

“If there is ONE ‘green’ thing you can do…” by Angie Gonzalez

Hi everyone! If there is anything green you would like to start in your life please let it be compost. Compost is the Magic of nature. It turns waste into living EARTH I mean who in the world does not … Continued

“SALSA VERDE” by Candace Chwierut

Salsa Verde Posted by our west coast FOOD GURU and Yoga Teacher: Candace Chwierut! For more info on Candace, read her Bio below, or visit: Or, if you are in the Sacramento area, come check out one of her classes at Padme … Continued

YOU CAN DO YOGA! Seane Corn says so!

Watch this great video from Seane Corn

“The Art of Yoga Adjustments” by Alicia Patterson

I love thinking and learning about different topics in life.  From love to science, it’s all amazing! As a yoga teacher, I was particularly interested to read someone else’s perspective on the technique of giving adjustments to students in yoga … Continued


The Yoga Treehouse has something special for you all!!! Close your eyes and picture being massaged on an isolated Greek island on a warm, sunny day, eating a gourmet lunch by a school of dolphins friendas we drift through crystal … Continued

New Website Launching!!!

Hello friends, Alicia Patterson here!This is a quick post to update about a new website / business I’m launching.  I’ve been working on this business for quite awhile and polishing the website has been the final step.  Please feel free … Continued

“Staying Authentic” by Alicia Patterson

Being “spiritually minded” has so many different definitions these days.  Some preach about a spiritual practice and may not be fully living it with their actions and life choices.  Perhaps they look the part, but it doesn’t always mean they’re … Continued