Sitting at a desk or a chair for a long time? Stimulate your digestive system, awaken the spine and  flush out toxins with a little boost of vitality from seated twists. Just Follow these simple steps: 1. Sit sideways in … Continued

Morning Yoga Tips

APY60- Created by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Yoga Instructor Check out the latest morning yoga tips from Kurt: 1) Tibetan Spine Flexibility Set – this five-pose set works various parts of the upper body. The pose that Kurt would like … Continued

“SALSA VERDE” by Candace Chwierut

Salsa Verde Posted by our west coast FOOD GURU and Yoga Teacher: Candace Chwierut! For more info on Candace, read her Bio below, or visit: Or, if you are in the Sacramento area, come check out one of her classes at Padme … Continued

“Ready for a FAST?” by Alicia Patterson

In light of the lovely weather we’re having (finally it’s here!) and summer approaching (hello bathing suits!), I thought I would write about good ways to keep the diet light, and maybe even a fast if your body is ready … Continued

“Quick & Natural Cold/Flu Busters” by Alicia Patterson

It’s the season of stuffy noses, temperature and weather extremes (for some of us)! For everyone who’s suffering from the post holiday cold symptoms blues, here are some quick and natural cold busters.  Some are what we all know and … Continued