Sitting at a desk or a chair for a long time? Stimulate your digestive system, awaken the spine and  flush out toxins with a little boost of vitality from seated twists. Just Follow these simple steps: 1. Sit sideways in … Continued

Morning Yoga Tips

APY60- Created by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Yoga Instructor Check out the latest morning yoga tips from Kurt: 1) Tibetan Spine Flexibility Set – this five-pose set works various parts of the upper body. The pose that Kurt would like … Continued


I go on vacation and travel, quite a bit…so taking my yoga mat with me is NOT always an option, and I would truly hate to skip a yoga session. So how do I get my Yoga on… WITHOUT a … Continued


By Doug Gross, CNN (via The sad truth for ridiculous Web memes is that they have remarkably poor shelf lives. So, farewell planking. Hello, owling. Deciding that striking a “light as a feather, stiff as a board” pose in … Continued

YOU CAN DO YOGA! Seane Corn says so!

Watch this great video from Seane Corn

“The Art of Yoga Adjustments” by Alicia Patterson

I love thinking and learning about different topics in life.  From love to science, it’s all amazing! As a yoga teacher, I was particularly interested to read someone else’s perspective on the technique of giving adjustments to students in yoga … Continued


The Yoga Treehouse has something special for you all!!! Close your eyes and picture being massaged on an isolated Greek island on a warm, sunny day, eating a gourmet lunch by a school of dolphins friendas we drift through crystal … Continued

Blog Post #2: What’s so great about Yoga?

Often times I am asked: “What’s so great about yoga?”.  I have had friends and relatives who were curious and approving of my Yogic lifestyle, yet these  same people convincingly state that “Yoga looks too difficult” and they “CAN’T do … Continued