When life feels as if it’s becoming increasingly more hectic for both children and adults, juggling the demands of work, school, family, friends and your own personal health, you often miss out on enjoying the present moment. So where do you escape to now? Surely everyone has his or her own ways of finding “balance”, but when you finally make time for yourself, is it enough to leave you feeling completely calm, refreshed and relaxed?

That’s where we come in! At TheYogaTreehouse.com, our passion is to give from the heart. We believe in the many benefits that Yoga has to offer and have experienced firsthand its ability to create overall mental, physical and emotional health for people at any age. Yoga is an ancient science that allows you to live life to its’ fullest. Benefiting not only its’ practitioners, but also those who surround them, Yoga creates an overall sense of peace and well-being through awareness, strength, and flexibility of both mind and body. Yoga consists of many simple, and for those who crave it, sometimes not so simple, postures, or asanas. However, since the focus of Yoga is on the union of movement and breathe, a Yoga practice can be… as simple… or … as challenging as you desire, and can therefore be practiced by anyone, regardless of physical abilities, age, shape or size.

Therefore, our mission is simple: We want to bring the benefits of Yoga to everyone, everywhere and allow you to grow with the Yoga community.

TheYogaTreehouse.com was designed as a place for you to relax, play, be inspired, and create an overall sense of well being for you and those around you. Through quality online videos, we offer classes for men and women, activities and games for children and families, relaxation for parents, and more! We allow anyone to create and personalize his or her own Yoga practice conveniently from his or her own home.

The Yoga Treehouse™ is our way of giving back, expressing our gratitude and allowing everyone to explore all things Yoga! We are constantly updating The Yoga Treehouse™ to make it YOURS. So, whether you have years of experience, never stepped foot onto a yoga mat or just want to play, it is our wish to connect you to the yoga community and help you experience the many benefits of a regular Yoga practice. We hope that you enjoy all we have to offer and look forward to seeing you up in The Yoga Treehouse™!