Sitting at a desk or a chair for a long time? Stimulate your digestive system, awaken the spine and  flush out toxins with a little boost of vitality from seated twists. Just Follow these simple steps: 1. Sit sideways in … Continued


I go on vacation and travel, quite a bit…so taking my yoga mat with me is NOT always an option, and I would truly hate to skip a yoga session. So how do I get my Yoga on… WITHOUT a … Continued


By Doug Gross, CNN (via The sad truth for ridiculous Web memes is that they have remarkably poor shelf lives. So, farewell planking. Hello, owling. Deciding that striking a “light as a feather, stiff as a board” pose in … Continued

YOU CAN DO YOGA! Seane Corn says so!

Watch this great video from Seane Corn

Healthy Recipe “Breakfast Bowl” by Candace Chwierut

Enjoy this delicious “Breakfast Bowl” for two on a lazy Saturday morning! Posted by our west coast FOOD GURU and Yoga Teacher: Candace Chwierut! For more info on Candace, read her Bio below, or visit: Or, if you are in the Sacramento area, … Continued